About us

The Library of Clausthal University of Technology is a central institution of the TU Clausthal and at the same time a publicly accessible library for every citizen, public authority, firm and school in the region.

The acquisition of literature is oriented toward the needs of the TU. Collection focuses are mathematics and information technology, the natural sciences (except biology) and technology, especially metallurgy and material sciences, mechanical engineering and process technology, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mining and raw materials, business administration and engineering and environmental protection engineering. Essential reference books, also from other subject areas, are available.


During recent years the UL has developed from a classical library to a modern information and scientific centre. Besides this the UL has not forgotten its traditional tasks. On its premises it maintains a significant cultural asset of the history of the Upper Harz, namely the Calvör Library, to which a web presentation of its own is dedicated, and which, for the interested user, can draw from its old stock on gems of technical-scientific literature dating back to the 18th century.


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