With Citavi a free of charge programme for convenient reference management on their own PCs or Notebook is at the disposal of all TU Clausthal students and staff.

On you receive the software. Via your own e-mail address with TU Clausthal on this special page you are able to order the licence key for the (otherwise fee payable) complete version of the programme, as well as all further information.

Manual, step-by-step instructions are available and every type of question can be asked in the Citavi Service-Portal.

This offer is financed out of study bursaries. A non-personalised institute licence is at the disposal of “public” computers in the university‘s institutes. If needed, enquiries please to Silke Frank.

Configuration files for Citavi 4 / Citavi 5

Configuration files for Citavi 3

Configuration files contain important databases (including access data), quoting modes, import-filters and other adjustments to the data of TU Clausthal. Concerning extras - import/export of configuration files can be easily installed in your Citavi-Version. The configuration files are only to be imported if you are working with a TU Clausthal Campus-Licence.

Information desk:   05323/72 3636
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List of contacts
Silke Frank
Tel.: 05323 / 72-2348
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