The repostitory of the TU Clausthal enables TU members the electronic publication of their research papers in the context of the Open Access Initiative.

Publications e.g. journal articles, conference papers, reports, teaching material, research data amongst other things, whether as initial or secondary publication (Erstveröffentlichung or Zweitveröffentlichung), can be filed on the repository by the author. Also for examination texts, e.g. dissertations and post-doctoral theses (Habilitationsschriften), but also for Bachelor's, Master's and other final papers, the repostitory provides the appropriate context.

Digital documents created at the TU Clausthal are thus generally searchable. Anyone globally is able to search or browse.

The repository of the TU Clausthal is a service of the University Library. We offer:

  • Long term archiving
  • Indexing in the catalogue (OPAC) and the University Bibliography.
  • Searchable and traceable in supra-regional catalogues and search machines.
  • Submission of initial publications to the German National Library.


Open-Access offers free access to research information. Rights of use and exploitation remain with the authors. They merely conceed a "einfaches Nutzungsrecht" (meaning a non-exclusive right of usage) to the library, so that commercial publication is not impeded. 

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