Courses and Guided Tours


General Introduction to the Library

Would you like to gain an insight into user facilities of the UL and of the online-catalogues (OPAC)? After a round tour of the library you will become familiar with the online-catalogue of the UL.

How to… – Searching for and Finding Literature in the University Library

You are already acquainted with the library but would like to get to know more about how to research for literature. The UL offers you four modules with different focuses:

  • Library catalogues and inter-library loan
  • Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  • Subject databases and more
  • Reference management

Online Introductions

Here you will find Online-introductions and tutorials of the UL Clausthal and other libraries.

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First Years' Introduction

Bärchenführer and first years take note! There’s the right offer for you, too! On a round tour you'll get to know the library and after that learn how you can research in the online-catalogue (OPAC).

Pupils Discover the UL – Finding Literature

Is the term paper due? Or do you simply just want to get acquainted with an academic library? Then come into the UL. Here you can find out where and how best you can look for information. As well as which there are locations for group work – if you should ever wish to carry out a group project.

Literature Search Support

Do you need help to look for literature? The UL has various offers in order to support you.

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