The UL as Study and Work Location

Learning means something different for each individual. Some people prefer to work undisturbed and singly whilst others again need group work to internalise examination material. Electronic learning aids such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are becoming increasingly important in study. The TU Clausthal seeks to accommodate your individual conceptions of effective study. This is why there are differently structured living study locations. We hope that amongst these there is a study location that corresponds to your needs. If not, then please come and talk to us. Ideas are always welcome and very important to us.

On the premises of the UL there are many and varied work and study facilities at your disposal:


  • Both in the reading room and the text book collection you will find numerous individual work spaces for quiet study.
  • In the catalogue room on the upper floor there are a large number of spaces for group work. Here you can meet to work communally.
  • At the large tables in the cafeteria you can drink coffee, work in groups, converse, draft or simply just relax.
  • Internet-PCs are positioned in several areas of the library. You will find them in the catalogue room as well as in the reading and computer room. After you have logged in with your RZ-Account you will be able to, for example, research various on-line data banks, retrieve electronic resources or work in the internet.
  • In the user area of the university library WLAN is comprehensively at the disposal of members of TU Clausthal. Prerequisites for use are laptop reception of WLAN and your RZ account. Additional advice on the RZ pages.

Rooms for Group Work

Group Work Room 1
Group Work Room 1
Group Work Room 2
Group Work Room 2
Group Work Room 3 ("Parent-child-room")
Group Work Room 3 ("Parent-child-room")

On the first floor near the circulation desk you will find three group work rooms of various dimensions. They serve the purpose of communal study and work.

Room for group work 3 as “Parent-child-room” is equipped with toys and other material for children. This room is meant primarily for users with children and cannot be booked for group work activities.

You can book the rooms on-line. Please see the booking system for booking rules.

Living Study Locations

Here you will find additional living study locations on the TU Clausthal campus.



Computer Room

In the computer room (MC) there are available 20 computers with internet access.

Authentication is via the computing centre (Rechenzentrum RZ) using your RZ-Account. This way you also have direct access to your RZ-home drive. Moreover, you can store your data on your flash drive!

Additionally you can use 3 printer units with a total of 8 printers.

The computer room is located at the far end of the reading room at the journals shelves, letter A-. Please note that the room is closed for general use for the duration of special events.


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