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Electronic Publishing

As a member of the Clausthal University of Technology you can publish free of charge on our repository

Further information on electronic publishing

University Bibliography

All academic publications by members of TU Clausthal are listed here.
The University Bibliography shows the whole range of academic research at the Clausthal University of Technology.

Further information on the University Library

Open Access

The University Library supports members of the TU Clausthal wishing to place their publications at globally open, useable and accessible disposal. Ask us. We are pleased to advise you.

Open Access Policy

Co-operative Purchase

Through co-operative purchasing (electronic) journals and databases are financed co-operatively by the university library and institutes. This is meant to ensure that a current academic interest in the resources purchased by the university library is given, and that the means of the university library are used for optimum provision of literature at TU Clausthal.

Further information on co-operative purchase

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