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The TUCard is also the library card for students and staff of the TU Clausthal. You will find an application form for the TUCard on the TU homepage. Please hand in this application form to the student secretariat, filled out, and complete with a passport photograph. First semesters hand in this form along with their registration documents.

Get your TUCard activated at the circulation desk before the first time you borrow!

Guest library card
Besides students and staff of TU Clausthal other readers of 16+ can be admitted to use the university library. On production of their personal i.d. or passport and payment of a 5€ fee these readers are able to obtain a library card at our circulation desk. 

Language students
On production of your registration certificate, your passport and the admission from IZC you can obtain a library card at our circulation desk.

Validity (Duration of membership)
As a rule, the TUCard, like the library card, is valid for one year.
The duration of validity can be extended free of charge at the circulation desk.

Change of address
In your own interest, please notify the circulation desk immediately of any change of address. Please also note that your current e-mail address is needed for communications. Recommended is an e-mail address of the TU Clausthal which is applied for at the computing centre (Rechenzentrum RZ) (here).

Loss of library card
In order to avoid misuse report any loss of your TUCard or library card to the circulation desk, without delay!

For guests a replacement card can be issued to guests on request. The cost of this is 5€.

You will find a form of application for the creation of a replacement TUCard on the TU homepage. Please refer to the form for the costs incurred.

Information Desk: 05323/72 3636
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Circulation Desk:   05323/72 2303
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