The whole world as a library - that is the idea behind Bookcrossing.

It is about the "release" of books "into the wild" and and then following their journeys on the internet and hering from those whose lives they touch. Instead of locking up books after reading you can leave them at any place where the next reader can find them. Leaving comments about the bookd on makes it possible to get in touch with other bookcrossers.

In the UB-Café

In the University Library of Clausthal there ist an „Official Book Crossing Zone“ in the UL-Café! Following the principle of bookcrossing you can take and leave books on the bookcrossing shelf. The shelf is in the entrance area of the Café.

If you want to release books there that are not yet registered on you can leave in a special compartment of the shelf. The books will then be equiped with an individual bookcrossing ID and will then go on their journey.

In StuZ

Since July2017 there is a second bookcrossing shelf on campus. The shelf in the "Alten Cafeteria" im Studierendenzentrum (StuZ) in Silberstr. 1 was set up together by AStA and the university library.

[Translate to English:] Seit Juli 2017 steht nun ein weiteres Bookcrossing-Regal auf dem Campus bereit. Das neue Regal in der "Alten Cafeteria" im Studierendenzentrum (StuZ) in der Silberstr. 1 wurde von AStA und UB gemeinsam eingerichtet.

Here as well books can be taken home or donated any time!




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