Catalogue of the TU Clausthal (OPAC)



The complete media portfolio of the university library along with information on the availability and location is recorded in the catalogue (OPAC). In addition to over 500,000 monographs (with the portfolios of the institutes) and 1,200 printed journals, in the catalogue you will find more than 60,000 electronic dissertations from  the whole FRG, circa 8,00 e-books as well as 16,000 electronic journals offering direct access to full texts.

More dated texts (up to the year 1974) are not yet entirely included in OPAC, in which case they have to be tracked via the card catalogue. Please enquire at the information desk.



In the catalogue (OPAC) you are able to search through the entire portfolio of the UL. There is, however, the possibility of researching only parts of the portfolio. To do this please select one of the following subcatalogues:


  • University Bibliography
    The publications of the teachers and researchers of the TU Clausthal are listed in the University Bibliography.

  • Text Book Collection
    Several copies of major text books are to be found in the text book collection. The books are arranged according to subject. They can be taken from the shelves at will and borrowed at the self-service station near the information desk. The loan period is 4 weeks. Additionally a non-lendable copy of each title from the text book collection is available for internal use in the reading room.

    In addition, a complete list of text books arranged according to subject is available as a PDF file download:
    Catalogue of the Text Books Collection (PDF Download)

  • Online Resources
    for literature that is available online.

  • Institute Libraries
    The portfolios of publications in the institute libraries are to be seen in the respective institute. These are frequently non-lendable collections i.e. as a rule books can be only read (not borrowed) there.
    Address list of the institute libraries

A search in the Catalogue (OPAC) includes the subcatalogues.

Search-Plugin to the Catalogue

If you use the Firefox browser (version 2 onward) or Internet Explorer (version 7 onward), you can install a Search-Plugin to research the library catalogue.  This facilitates a direct search in the library catalogue via the search machine list in your browser without having to call up the catalogue's search mask.  You will find the search machine list in the top right of the browser.

If there is no sight of such a search machine list in your browser, then presumably the use of search-plug-ins is not supported by your browser.

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