Copying, Printing, Scanning



Copying facilities for black and white and coloured copies are installed in the University Library.

You can pay with your printing credit. You can use your TUCard to do this. In addition a coin op. is mounted.

The rates per page are as follows:

Din A4


0,05 €



0,20 €

Din A3


0,10 €



0,40 €


You may scan free of charge on the copiers. For this you will need a flash drive or an SD-card.



You may use the printers from one of the local PCs or from a portable computer connected via WLAN (please note the instructions of the computing centre (Rechenzentrum RZ)).

Costs: b/w 3 cent, colour 15 Cent. Payment is made via your own print credit at the TU Clausthal, which may also be topped up in the UL.

You will find printers in the following locations:

  • Catalogue Room
    s/w, duplex, DIN A 4, DIN A 3, name: ub-katalog-laser-black.
    color, duplex, DIN A 4, name: ub-katalog-laser-color.
  • Computer room (MC):
    s/w, duplex, DIN A 4, name: ub-mc-laser-black.

You will find more extensive information about printing at the TU Clausthal on the pages of the computing centre (Rechenzentrum RZ).


A book-scanner (Zeutschel OS 12000) is available in the catalogue room for use. The scans are stored on your portable flash drive. Use is free of charge.

Scanning is also possible on the photocopiers. In this case data are stored on a flash drive or an SD-card. The copier has an automatic paper feed. Here too scanning is free of charge.


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