Use of E-Media


Conditions of Use

Please note the conditions of use imposed by the publishers i.e. providers and observe them strictly!

Generally it is not permitted to systematically download or to print out complete or large extracts from E-books. Similarly the en masse downloading of journal articles, complete annual series of journals or databases is generally not permitted. Such types of reproduction are, as a rule, only allowed of single chapters or pages for personal academic purposes. Circulation to third parties is not allowed.

Technical Requirements

The electronic media of the library (i.e. databases, electronic journals and e-books) are universally accessible via the internet. However, this accessibility is partially bound by licences.

Most providers regulate the access to online offers liable to fees by checking the IP-address of the enquiring computer. Your computer must therefore be part of the TU network (this also includes the halls of residence on campus). Whether or not your computer is within the TU-campus network is visible in the allocated IP-address (IP address range 139.174.*.*). Thus, in most cases, no particular codes or passwords are necessary to gain access.


However, even when you are off campus (e.g. at home, at conferences and congresses, etc.) you can make unlimited use of licensed services. For this you need VPN-Software. After authentication with your user name and password your computer will be treated as part of the TU-network and you can make use of all offers in the same way with which you are familiar with computers on the campus network.  

Some providers permit also authentication with the support of Shibboleth. This system enables you to identify yourself to participating websites as a member of TU Clausthal and to use the services offered.

Access Denied?

  • Please check whether you are attempting access via a computer within the TU-Campus net. You will recognise this from the allocation to your computer of an IP-address from the 139.174.*. * range.
  • The text may not be licensed by the TU Clausthal or not be a freely available full text. Please note the symbols of the providers being used to identify the rights of access. 
  • Should there be no rights of access to the full text, retrieval my still be worthwhile. In the case of e-books indexes, abstracts, prefaces, test pages, test chapters and the like are as a rule made available free of charge by the providers. These may give a good overview of the whole title.
  • Please note also that for reasons of economy unlimited access by several users simultaneously was not able to be acquired. It may therefore be that a licensed e-medium is temporarily not available when another user is presently working with it. So, please always test once more later, whether you are able to get access to the full text.
  • Since the e-media are on servers of the respective providers and not those of TU Clausthal, it is always advisable to test the access once again at a later time. Sometimes maintenance measures or technical problems at the providers are the reason. These are not necessarily immediately recognisable and are entirely independent from the TU campus network.

Should you be encountering enduring problems in accessing the TU Clausthal license e-media, please inform us of this. We will then do our best to restore access as quickly as possible.

Particularly with journals there may be recurrent problems of access. Possible reasons are provider server malfunctions, unreported changes in the conditions of access, URLs or passwords, sometimes also the disappearance/deletion of the journal from the internet. In such cases we beg your pardon, and ask you to inform us of this.

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