The Calvör Library


In the Calvör Library the UL stewards a significant cultural asset of the Upper Harz as an ecclesiastical repository – owners are the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover and the Parish Church of Zellerfeld.

The Calvör Library is named after Caspar Calvör (1650-1725), the Superintendent of the Parishes of Zellerfeld, Wildemann, Grund, Lautenthal, later the General Superintendent of Grubenhagen for the Districts Clausthal, Osterode, Herzberg, Einbeck.


In correspondence with Caspar Calvör's varied interests this medium sized Baroque period academic library has a universal character. Only up to a good half of the stock is of theological content. Historical, legal, poetic, philosophical, scientific, medical and geographical texts make up the remainder.  

The opening up of the library which began in 1961 was continued after the transfer into the UL 1963. A printed two volume catalogue and a comprehensive bound index today enclose the ca. 12,000 individual papers which are contained in the almost 4,800 volumes.

In respect of its scope and completeness the Calvör Library offers a cross-section of all the intellectual and religious currents of the 17th and early 18th centuries. Beside many rarities (Aldinisch prints, family papers, disputations etc.) autographs of Luther and Melanchthon as well as two volumes of unique organ tabulatures are among the particular exhibits. Moreover, many writings bear witness to the technical and socio-cultural development of mining in the Upper Harz.

A tiny part of the stocks is set out for the viewer behind protective glass partitions in the UL reading room. You will find somewhat more extensive information about Caspar Calvör and his library on an independent website.

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Historical Stocks
You will find a description of the historical stocks of the UL Clausthal here (German only).

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