Borrowing & ordering

The Clausthal University Library is a central institution of the Clausthal University of Technology and at the same time a publicly accessible library for all citizens, authorities, companies and schools in the region.

A valid library card is required for borrowing and ordering literature.

  • First, have your TUCard activated at the service desk.

    In your library account you will find

    • which media you have borrowed
    • the expiration date of the media you have borrowed
    • media you have ordered
    • whether media you have borrowed have been reserved for you
    • reservations you have made
    • outstanding fees
    • your personal data
    • the possibility to change your password


    User number and password On the back of the library card below the barcode is the user number. With this number you can log in to the library account to order media or to view the account. The user card is password protected. The default password is your date of birth DDMMYY. Please change it the first time you log in.

  • The loan periods are usually 28 days for normal loans and for interlibrary loans from other libraries. For language students, this period is reduced to 14 days Short-term loans are 8 days. If you are unsure when your loan period ends, please check your library account.

    Please note that charges will apply if you exceed the loan period.

    Loan Period Extensions If a title you have borrowed has not been marked elsewhere, you may extend the loan period up to three times:

    Books from interlibrary loan can be renewed only upon request at the service desk and under reserve. Books on short-term loan cannot be renewed.

    Reminder about the expiration of loan periods Clausthal University Library notifies users who have registered their e-mail address at the Service Desk by e-mail about the expiration of a loan period.

  • Use of the library is free of charge.

    However, fees are charged for some services according to the fee schedule of the state of Lower Saxony.

    The most important fees 1st reminder € 2.00 per volume 2. Reminder € 5.00 per volume (plus fees from 1st reminder) 3. Reminder € 10.00 per volume (plus fees from 1. and 2. reminder) Mahnung) Interlibrary loan order € 1.50 per item (as a rule) Library card € 5.00 (renewal free of charge)

    Please pay the fees at the service desk. Unfortunately, card payment is not possible.

  • Would you like to borrow media from Clausthal University Library? Please search in advance in the discovery system CLAIM or the classical general catalog of the TU Clausthal. There you will receive information about the location, signature and loan status of the desired item.

    Depending on the location, you can take the ordered media from the shelf yourself and borrow them via self-checkout. Media from the stacks must be ordered.

    Reading Room In the reading room you will find literature on all subjects represented at the university: Reference books, current books, current printed journals from the last 10 years, and newspapers. Basic reference works are available from other subject areas. The listing is by subject area. With the exception of some reference holdings, which are marked with a red shelfmark, books can be borrowed from the reading room via the self-checkout.

    Textbook Collection The textbook collection contains several copies of important textbooks in the individual subject areas. The books are arranged according to subject areas. They can be taken from the shelves and borrowed at the self-service desk near the information desk. The loan period is four weeks. A non-lending reference copy of each title can be found in the reading room.

    Books from the stacks... are ordered via the classic general catalog or the discovery system CLAIM.

    Media that you order Monday to Friday before 14.00 can be picked up on the same day. Media that you order after 2:00 p.m. will be delivered to you on the next working day (Monday - Friday) from 9:00 a.m. onwards. The media will remain on the collection shelf for 5 days.

    At the service desk you will only receive reserved media and deliveries from the interlibrary loan.

    Media from the collection shelf, as well as reserved media, must still be checked out via the self-checkout. Items can be returned via the return machine in front of the service desk.

    Self-checkout - borrowing in self-service At the self-checkout in the catalog room, you can borrow media that are freely available and ready to be picked up directly. All you need is your library card. Place your library card and the media individually on the designated areas. The booking takes place automatically and is displayed on the screen, as is the loan period. This completes the lending process and you can take the media home with you.

    Returning media - at any time at the machine Simply place the media on the marked area at the return machine, and the return posting will take place automatically. You can track the return in your library account if necessary.

  • Borrowed titles can be reserved in the classic online general catalog or in the CLAIM discovery system. Pre-booked titles will be available for you at the service desk for five opening days after they have been returned. At the same time, you will be notified by email about the book that is ready.

  • Can't find what you're looking for locally? Media can be ordered from other libraries throughout Germany or internationally via interlibrary loan.

    How can I order? You can search in the Common Union Catalog - GVK and then order. You can set up an interlibrary loan account at the service desk and place your order yourself after you have done your research (recommended for orders of 10 or more).

    You let us order for you. (further text is still missing, because of clarification how to order. Loan slip only available at the service desk?)

    By interlibrary loan (order form here?)

    How long can I keep an interlibrary loan? The loan period is usually 28 days. The time limit is set by the lending library. You can ask for an extension at the service desk. In rare cases, this period may be shortened or reading room use may be specified. All info about this will be displayed in your library account. You may keep copies of articles.

    What does an interlibrary loan cost? The cost of an interlibrary loan request is €1.50. Please note: This order fee applies even if no delivery is made. For copy orders, additional charges may apply for orders of 20 pages or more.

    When is delivery made? The delivery time is about 1 - 2 weeks, copy orders can be delivered much faster.

    Document delivery service subito If the delivery time of the regular interlibrary loan is too long, you can use the document delivery service subito, which is subject to a charge. You can register yourself and order urgently needed literature. Delivery will be made to your home address within 72 or 24 hours. All information and prices can be found at subito. Clausthal UB does not act as an intermediary, as is the case with interlibrary loans.

    International Interlibrary Loan Titles that cannot be found in any German library can be ordered through International Interlibrary Loan. Please contact the colleagues at the service desk, who will advise you individually. All costs arising from the order must be borne by you.