A number of e-books are available to all users of the university library via the campus network of the TU Clausthal. To a large extent, these books are already listed in our catalog. In the individual title ads, a link is provided that leads directly to the electronic book.

Licensed are extensive e-book packages of Springer Verlag and the EBSCOhost eBook Collection as well as selected electronic books of other publishers. Some providers and packages will be briefly presented here.

All listed packages can of course also be found via our catalog search.

  • The SpringerLink portal provides access to the German-language electronic books (from 1990 - 2023) published by Springer Verlag in the fields of:

    • Economics
    • Chemistry and material sciences
    • Physics and astronomy
    • Mathematics and statistics
    • Technology
    • Computer science
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Biomedicine and Life Sciences

    and additionally the English-language titles from the field of

    • Business and Economics (2005-2015)
    • Business and Management (2016-2023)

    are available. In addition, the extensive range of licensed journal articles from Springer Verlag can also be accessed via this portal.

  • Ebook Central (EBC) makes e-books from various publishers available on its platform. In most cases, these cannot be downloaded in full, but can be partially downloaded or read online.

    We are aware that this is not the desired convenience of e-book use. Unfortunately, this is often the only possible option for libraries to purchase single titles of e-books. If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • UTB studi-e-book offers you German-language teaching and study literature from the academic publishers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are members of UTB. The UTB offer includes more than 2,000 textbooks from 30 subject areas and is constantly expanded with new publications and new editions. Among other things, you have the following options for use there:

    • Access to the full text of the complete utb-Online textbook library.

    • Print and download chapter by chapter

    • full text search, also across the entire digital library

    • unlimited copying of text

    • export to citation management systems (e.g. citavi, endnotes, RIS, bibtext)

    • bookmarks and notes

    • remote access (VPN client and Shibboleth)

  • Professional IT knowledge for research & teaching

    Since May 2016, all students and employees of Clausthal University of Technology have access to all digital books published by HERDT via the campus network. The HERDT-Campus portal offers about 700 digital books on more than 500 IT topics. Among them you will find titles on:

    • Windows
    • Office
    • Systems and Networks
    • Image processing, graphics
    • Programming
    • CAD
    • Web
    • Databases
    • IT management and much more.

    The HERDT books are available for download as personal PDF files. Digital additional media such as learning videos, exercises, etc. are also available for some of the books.

  • As part of the national licenses funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), 1,000 e-books from the following subject areas are available in the EBSCOhost eBook Collection:

    • Business and Economics
    • Science and Engineering
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • Humanities
    • Area Studies

    In addition, several thousand free e-books from all subject areas can be accessed.


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E-Book Collections in DBIS

E-book collections on various subject areas, both free and licensed for TU Clausthal, can also be found in the Database Information System (DBIS) by entering "ebooks" in the "Quick Search" field.

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Terms of use

Terms of use

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