Our media

More than just books

The University Library offers its users access to numerous printed titles in the open access and stacks. These include books as well as a number of journals. This statement applies analogously to the digital holdings. We offer various research entry points so that you can better explore our media diversity.



CLAIM is the modern discovery search portal of Clausthal University Library for a comprehensive literature search. You search simultaneously in the holdings of Clausthal University Library and the institute libraries of Clausthal University of Technology.


Publication server

The publication server enables members of the Clausthal University of Technology to publish their scientific work electronically within the framework of the Open Access Initiative.



The entire media holdings of the university library and the institute libraries of the Clausthal University of Technology are listed in the classic online general catalog (OPAC).



In addition to our catalogs, you can also use the portals of the e-book providers described in more detail here.

Part Catalogs

In the OPAC you can search the entire holdings of the UB. However, it is also possible to search only parts of the holdings. To do so, please select one of the following partial catalogs:


University Bibliography

The university bibliography of the Clausthal University of Technology contains the publications of the university's teachers and researchers.


Textbook Collection

Important textbooks are located in the textbook collection in several copies. The books are arranged by subject. A current complete list of textbooks, sorted by subject, is available for download: Textbook Collection Catalog (PDF download).


Institute Libraries

The holdings of the institute libraries can usually be viewed in the respective institute. Often, these are reference libraries, in which borrowing is not possible. Address list of the institute libraries



Online resources

Online resources licensed by the University Library for members of the Clausthal University of Technology.