Archive usage

The Clausthal University Archive is a public archive in the sense of the Lower Saxony Archive Law (PDF). Organizationally, the archive is a department of the Clausthal University Library. The user regulations for the Lower Saxony State Archives apply. (It is not possible to borrow archive materials).

On-site research in the reading room is generally possible during the opening hours of the university library. To arrange an appointment, please contact Teresa Haars by e-mail or telephone. Due to the staffing situation, use can usually only take place in the mornings at this time.

We are connected to the Arcinsys archival information system, through which you can search online in the archival records already indexed and also submit a request for use. Please register your visit by e-mail. The use takes place in the reading room of the university library.

Older photos have already been digitized and can be researched in the joint image database with the Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum Zellerfeld. The digitized images were created through the commitment of Prof. Dr. Friedrich H. Balck, to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks.

Image database

Selection of already digitized photos



Vom 9.-13. Mai bleibt das Archiv geschlossen.

Um das Archiv vor Ort zu nutzen, vereinbaren Sie bitte telefonisch (05323-72-3586) oder per E-Mail einen Termin.


Teresa Haars Phone: 05323 / 72-3586 E-mail: