Guideline Repository

Guidelines for the Management of the Repository

1. Objectives and content criteria for the Repository of Clausthal University of Technology.

The repository offers all members of the Clausthal University of Technology the organizational and technical framework for the electronic publication of scientific documents. The repository is a service of the Clausthal University Library.

The electronic documents receive permanent addresses and are indexed via national and international library catalogs, search engines as well as other reference tools. Furthermore, a long-term archiving of the electronic documents is guaranteed (at least 5 years).

2. The collection mandate of the Clausthal University Library for electronic documents

The collection mandate of the Clausthal University Library includes the storage, cataloging and archiving of all electronic documents published by members of the Clausthal University of Technology. This refers to both purely electronic publications and electronic versions of printed documents. Clausthal University Library also collects, makes available and archives scientific electronic documents as part of its regional tasks.

The copyrights of the authors are preserved. Publication on the repository does not prevent further publication of the documents in journals or monographs as well as on other servers. In accordance with the recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities, all scientists in Germany are called upon to secure a corresponding further right of use when concluding publishing agreements and to additionally publish the documents they have written on the repository - possibly after a blocking period.

It is the responsibility of the authors or publishers of the electronic documents to ensure that the copyrights and exploitation rights of third parties are observed.

3. The electronic document

For the purposes of these Guidelines, the term "electronic document" means a document based on text, graphics, audio or video sequences, stored in digital form on a data carrier and distributed via computer networks. Documents that have already been published shall not be deleted or modified unless there are serious legal grounds for doing so.

An electronic document to be published via the repository meets the following conditions:

  1. It is intended for distribution to the public.
  2. It is not a dynamic document. If changes are necessary, the modified electronic document is saved as a new version.
  3. It must be free of any technical protection devices and digital rights management (DRM) procedures. Possible format migrations are made when necessary, e.g. to ensure long-term availability. Format migrations are not considered a change to the electronic document.

4. Electronic documents published and distributed via the Repository

The following categories of electronic documents are stored and distributed via the repository:

  • Publications and publication series of Clausthal University of Technology with scientific content,
  • Publications and publication series published by members of Clausthal University of Technology, such as collective works, congress volumes, research reports, journals (e-journals) or series,
  • documents whose publication is prescribed by examination regulations (dissertations and post-doctoral theses),
  • Publications and publication series of institutions and persons associated with Clausthal University of Technology,
  • Documents of students of Clausthal University of Technology such as diploma theses, master's theses and seminar papers, if the publication is based on a recommendation by a member of the teaching staff.
  • Documents of scientific relevance within the scope of the regional and supra-regional collection tasks of the Clausthal University Library.

5. Technical features of the repository

  1. The electronic documents are provided with individual and permanent addresses, which allow immediate access to the documents. The addresses are registered as URNs (Uniform Resource Names). The administration and maintenance of the URNs is guaranteed by Clausthal University Library.
  2. The electronic documents can be found via library catalogs, searches in bibliographic metadata, via alphabetical and classificatory orders as well as dynamically created lists and indices.
  3. The archiving duration of the formats depends on the availability of the format, viewing software, and conversion capabilities. The archiving period is at least 5 years.

6. Organizational regulations

  1. The repository is operated by the Clausthal University Library. Technical support is provided by the Verbundzentrale des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes (VZG).
  2. The electronic publication of publications is free of charge for members of Clausthal University of Technology and members of institutions associated with Clausthal University of Technology.
  3. Additional work required for publication, such as the preparation of electronic documents or conversion into other formats, is supervised or carried out by the staff of the University Library by arrangement. Work that requires significant additional effort will be billed according to the rates in the University Library's fee schedules.


We would like to thank the Electronic Publishing Working Group at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The guidelines of the repository of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have been used as a template here.

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