Learning with coffee or coffee without learning

The cafeteria is the communicative area in the library to take a break from learning and fortify yourself with coffee and snacks. This is the right place to work in small and larger groups, to talk and to exchange and deepen creative ideas. Or simply to switch off for a while.... In the afternoons and on weekends, you can get snacks as well as hot and cold drinks at fair prices in the kiosk. In summer, our outdoor area with tables, chairs and also loungers invites you to take a seat.

As colorful as the world, it's just as colorful and sustainable at our beverage drinks dispenser.

Disposable cups generate a lot of waste. However, you don't have to give up your coffee enjoyment right away if you want to avoid waste. The disposable cups that made enjoying your coffee so dreary are yesterday's news. We offer you an alternative. Cupcrossing is the new way....
Free books go on the road
An "Official Book Crossing Zone" is set up in the cafeteria. In accordance with the Bookcrossing motto, books can be taken there from a Bookcrossing shelf, read and released again. All without borrowing the books through their account.

Those who want to release books in the UB, which are not yet registered on, can place them there in a shelf. These books receive an individual BookCrossing ID from the library staff and then go on their way.


Umfrage Juli 2022

Survey July 2022

In July 2022 we asked our users how we can improve the kiosk for them. Here are the results.


As colorful as the world, it is now colorful and sustainable at our drinks dispenser.
Here you can read how it works.