Search and find literature - compact

Course language:German
Duration:approx. 90 minutes
Date:November 10
Time11:00 - 12:30
Additional guided tours,especially for groups or in English, can be arranged.
Meeting place Presence: Multifunctional computer room in the UB
Registration:Registration is not required. Just drop by!

You want to search for literature effectively and specifically? We will give you the tools and the knowledge to do so. Whether it's a thematic search, book search, or article search; we'll show you how to prepare and conduct a search and what to look for. "Bibliographic information", "Boolean operators" and much more will no longer be foreign to you after this workshop.

You will also get to know the search portal CLAIM and learn where and how you can borrow the literature you have found. You can look forward to many practical tips!

And if you ever need literature that is not available in any Clausthal-Zellerfeld library? Then simply use our service offer for interlibrary loan. We will show you how to conveniently order books from other libraries to Clausthal UB.

In small practice sessions you will have the opportunity to try out what you have learned yourself.

Contact for German-speaking groups

Andrea Prieskorn Tel.: +49 5323 72-4857

Karin Wellner Tel.: +49 5323 72-2357


Contact for English speaking groups

Kirsten Hilliger

Phone: +49 5323 72-2350 E-mail: