Coffee Lectures

Learn interesting facts about databases, scientific publishing and other topics that touch your everyday research life.

All in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee and eat some cookies.

If you have the time and the inclination, just join us for fifteen minutes of video chat. Or in real in our cafeteria with coffee and cookies.

Third Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the BBB room  or in our cafeteria in the library.

Upcoming dates

Open Access E-Books

Datum:         21.11.2023
Referent:in: Jan Wilkens
Affiliation:   Universitätsbibliothek

Zotero! Tipps & Tricks

Datum:         16.01.2024
Referent:in: Nadine Kleinander
Affiliation:   Universitätsbibliothek

Past dates

We have been offering our Coffee Lectures since 2018. When possible, we try to document the event and provide materials in the aftermath.

  • TUCreate – Die Werkstatt für Studierende

    Datum:         17.10.2023
    Referent:in: Markus Quanz
    Affiliation:   Institut für Maschinenwesen TUC


    Kleine Tipps zum Selbst- und Zeitmanagement

    Datum:         20.06.2023
    Referent:in: Kirsten Hilliger
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek

    5 Schritte zur erfolgreichen Recherche

    Datum:         16.05.2023
    Referent:in: Kirsten Hilliger
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek

    Recherchetools, die das Finden erleichtern :-)

    Datum:         18.04.2023
    Referent:in: Florian Strauß
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek

    Gehackt? Hätte ich doch... diese coffee lecture besucht!

    Datum:         21.03.2023
    Referent:in: Natalia Rentzsch
    Affiliation:   Rechenzentrum

    Nautos! Sichere Navigation hin zu Normen.

    Datum:         21.02.2023
    Referent:in: Andrea Prieskorn
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek

    Cloudspeicher an der TU: sichere Alternativen zu Dropbox, Onedrive & Co.

    Datum:         17.01.2023
    Referent:in: Kirsten Hilliger
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek

  • fileadmin/UB/Downloads/Coffee_Lectures/cl_221220_nützliche_Apps.pdf

    Nützliche Apps für´s Studium

    Datum:         20.12.2022
    Referent:in: Kirsten Hilliger
    Affiliation:   Unibibliothek  (ein Klick auf diese Kachel öffnet die zugrundeliegende Präsentation)

    The certificate program ProDocTUC(+)

    Date: 15.11.2022
    Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj
    Affiliation: Graduiertenakademie

    The Open Research Knowledge Graph

    Date: 18.10.2022
    Speaker: Anna-Lena Lorenz 
    Affiliation: TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library

    We are more than languages

    Date: 20.09.2022
    Speaker: Ayse Borchardt & Dr. Jörg Schröder
    Affiliation: International Center Clausthal

    Reallabor Digital Circular Economy

    Date: 19.07.2022
    Speaker: Dominique Briechle 
    Affiliation: DIGIT Research Centre

    Manage your literature with Zotero

    Date: 21.06.2022 Speaker: Nadine Kleinander Affiliation: University Library

    Something with LaTeX

    Date: 17.05.2022 Speaker:in: Stiv Nikolov Affiliation: Institute of Energy Research and Physical Technologies

    Discover the possibilities... UB Media - What is CLAIM?

    Date: 19.04.2022 Speaker:in: Florian Strauß Affiliation: University Library

    Standards? Access to DIN, ISO & Co.

    Date: 15.03.2022 Speaker:in: Kirsten Hilliger Affiliation: University Library

    I just want the pdf!

    Date: 15.02.2022 Speaker:in: Kirsten Hilliger Affiliation: University Library

  • 2021

    14.12.2021 What is the SNIC?Dr. Cornelia Strauß / Technology Transfer

    16.11.2021 The Social Counseling Service introduces itself Britta Siemann and Heidi Hohmann / Student Services OstNiedersachsen

    19.10.2021 Science on the rocks e. V. introduces itself Florian Schmeing / Science on the Rocks e. V.

    21.09.2021 E-books - the "E" does not stand for easy Kirsten Hilliger / University Library

    17.08.2021 Stop Tracking Science - misguided data collection mania of publishersFlorian Strauß / University Library

    20.07.2021 The University Sport introduces itself Stefan Marxen / SITUC

    15.06.2021 Better than Google? - Literature research in the Web of ScienceKirsten Hilliger / University Library

    18.05.2021 The Writing Workshop introduces itselfMartina Oster / Study Center

    20.04.2021 Python in process engineering: Can I automate everything? Bjarne Kreitz / ICVT

    16.03.2021 Spring cleaning for your research data - from sorting out to cleaning up Florian Strauß / University Library

    16.02.2021 LaTeX - 30 years old but not yet at the end?Jan Braun / Technical Administration

    19.01.2021 ORCID - What does a number in this system do for me?Kirsten Hilliger / University Library

  • 2020

    15.12.2020 From physics to the office - what do patent attorneys actually do Cornelia Strauß / Gramm, Lins & Partner 17.11.2020 Present, communicate, publish! - Making science come alive with science communication Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj / Graduate Academy

    18.02.2020 We think digital - The digitization lab of the TU Clausthal introduces itself Diana Hoffmeister / ISSE

    21.01.2020: Discover the librarian in you - Literature management with CitaviNadine Kleinander

  • 2019

    17.12.2019: "e " - now also for your lab book! - The electronic lab book as a tool for practiceFlorian Strauß / University Library.

    19.11.2019: We think digital - The digitization lab of the TU Clausthal introduces itself (postponed to 18.02.2020)

    15.10.2019: Opportunities and risks of a career in research

    17.09.2019: Good scientific practice - Code of the DFGSilke Frank / University Library

    07/16/2019: Measuring science - impact factor, h-index and altmetrics Silke Frank / University Library

    06/18/2019: Using texts, images and music - what am I allowed to do with CC licenses? Silke Frank / University Library

    21.05.2019: Why doesn't the charger fit??? Norms and standards for business and technology

    04/16/2019: On the sense and nonsense of a course script

    19.03.2019: DEAL - First success: Wiley contract and open access publishing Silke Frank / University Library

    19.02.2019: Green, gold, platinum: different paths to open accessSilke Frank / University Library

    15.01.2019: The TEMA technology and management database: a short introduction

  • 2018

    18.12.2018: The German Patent and Trademark Office and the Patent Database DEPATIS

    20.11.2018: Fake science and pirated journals - recognize and avoid Silke Frank / University Library